"Working for Detroit's Youth" -  "Believing, Achieving, and Succeeding"

Program Overview
ACTS 3-L Youth Enrichment Program

ACTS' 3-L Youth Enrichment Program is designed around what we have coined the "3-L Concept" and encompasses three distinct, but interrelated components that allow program participants to develop, apply and reinforce critical life skills. The "3-L Concept" involves programming related to Life Management Coaching, Literacy Support, and Leadership Development. By employing the "3-L Concept" ACTS works to engage the "whole child" in activities that address all aspects of their development as they grow and encounter the many obstacles that they will face as an underserved population.

The Life Management Coaching Component provides the foundation that our participants need to be successful at progressing to a more self-actualized level and involves exposing our participants to fundamental life management practices such as making healthy life choices regarding food, exercise, personal hygiene, and social relationships. Our Literacy Support Component addresses academic deficiencies and include tutoring services and activities that reinforce STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields that will give our participants a foundation for academic success as they move on to higher levels of learning. Finally our Leadership Development Component is designed to encourage youth to become leaders in their communities by establishing mentoring relationships with successful adults with whom they can relate. This component also teaches the importance of citizenship and community involvement by engaging participants in community service projects and exposing them to various cultural venues in the area. Critical thinking skills and conflict resolution strategies are also taught and reinforced through the Leadership Development Program Component.


The Target Population

The ACTS target population includes children between the ages of 6 and 16 that reside within the city of Detroit. The vast majority of our program participants is African American and attends School within the Detroit Public School system. In 2004, of the 211,956 children between the ages of 5 and 17 enrolled in the Detroit Public School system, over 1/3 of them (34%) live in poverty. For the same year (2004), the official poverty rate of ALL children between the ages of 5 and 17 in the United States was 17.8%. This means that the poverty rate for children attending Detroit Public Schools is double that of all children living in the United States among the same age group.

Children attending school within the Detroit Public School system are predominantly African-American. When comparing their aforementioned poverty rate of 34% to that of the entire African American population within the United States for the same year, which is (24.9%) , we see that our target population's economic situation is even more severe than others within their own race across the country.

Poverty is the condition of not having enough income to meet basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Because children are dependent on others, they enter or avoid poverty by virtue of their family's economic circumstances. The relative lack of income to meet basic needs negatively influences children's day-to-day lives. These negative influences include inadequate nutrition, fewer learning experiences, instability of residence, lower quality of schools, exposure to environmental toxins, family violence, and homelessness, dangerous streets, or less access to friends and services.


Program Goal

The goal of the ACTS 3-L Youth Enrichment Program is to create an environment that will enable youth to develop confidence, skills and values that promote healthy lifestyles, academic success, and leadership characteristics.

Program Activities

Leadership Development classes

- Chess
- Community Service Learning
- Financial Literacy
- Mentoring
- Project SOAR - (Securing Opportunities and Resources for Youth)
- Peer Mediation
- Video Production Training
Literacy Support classes
- Read to Succeed
- Vacation Bible School
- Test Preparation for MEAP
- Computer Technology classes
- Speech Communication

Life Management Coaching

- Life Skills (Prevention)
- Re-Charge-Sports (Nutrition, Wellness, Baseball,  Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer)
- Drama/Theatre
- Modern/Praise/Ethnic Dance (Arts)
- Conflict Resolution (Intervention)
- Cheerleading/Gymnastics