"Working for Detroit's Youth" -  "Believing, Achieving, and Succeeding"

ACTS History
Abundant Care Training Services (ACTS) was founded and established as a 501 c (3) non-profit faith based corporation on October 8, 2003 by Michael A. Wilson. ACTS originated due to a massive uprising of violence and murders involving urban youth in Detroit during the year of 2003. These random acts of youth violence would usually take place when kids were left home unsupervised (during after school hours). The need for youth to have positive role models, be connected with caring adults, and to be self motivated to achieve both academically and socially is also a major influence for the development of this organization.
Since our genesis, ACTS has provided daily tutoring, mentoring, homework support, hot meals, sports/wellness classes, field trips and various other basic necessities to youth at Sophie Wright Community and Edmonson Elementary in the city of Detroit. ACTS programming services has also provided after school enrichment classes at over 20 various Detroit Elementary and Middle Schools including Life Skills Training, Video production, Success through Chess, Martial Arts, and Sports/Conditioning and Wellness.
During the Summer of 2005 ACTS conducted an eight week Literacy program in collaboration with Franklin & Sophie Wright Settlement to combat illiteracy amongst youth in low income areas. Throughout the remainder of 2005, ACTS has continued to provide Community Youth Outreach services such as tutoring, homework assistance, life skills, chess instruction, praise dance, and sports/wellness to kids that attend Edmonson Elementary and live in the Jeffries projects in Detroit.